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Re: [IP] Celebrate about A1C and 24 hour urine results

I got a call today from 3 happy people- 2 doctors and my new CDE..I felt
like a celebrity!
After having severe chronic pain I was placed in oxycontin sustaine action
and a quick release for breakthrough pain. My pain level is now at a 2-3
and I can sleep pretty normal again..and I am on many milligrams prednisone
which has always given me a high BG and high A1C. I am still on the pred
and will need to be on it for a long time. 
BUT my A1C is 7  !!!!! it came down from a 9.1! and my non-fasting BG was
102! and my 24 hour urine and blood test showed my kidneys are normal at
this time!
 And I have lost 28 pounds in less than 2 months. And we don't know why
except that because the pain is gone I don't have to try to ease it with
nibbling..but still I am on prednisone. But at least I have 2 good test
results considering other things are not so good so I am so happy and my 2
docs and my new CDE were so happy and I was too! I couldn't believe it!
Maybe I can help show the medical professionals that things like horrible
pain where one can just sit and cry needs to be treated and that these
things do affect blood sugars.
So my eyes are ok and my kidneys are ok and it was decided that no
anti-siezure meds or immune meds that can hurt my kidneys willl ever be
given to me unless it is a life threatening situation. I do have
gastoparesis but controlled with medication and neuropathy caused a bit by
diabetes but also caused by other neurological diseases I have..
I am so happy...I have been in tears and giggles all day and to think it
was the pain creating the havoc because I have not changed anything
else...no change in eating, no change in insulin or where I put my infusion
set ups..no change how I use my pump.just pain medications which have
allowed me quality back into my life and some good sleep and that is it! I
was told I would be helped in being giving a quality of life without pain
and assistive devices I need to help my life be a bit easier because I
cannot be fixed. Only being kept comfortable. Doc and I have talked and
have it written what he is not to do for me. 
Now maybe if I can find someone to use me in a study so I can help others...
I have had a Joyful day! And I have complete Peace! :)
Just a reminder for women..make sure you have your mammograms- This is
Mammogram awareness month or breast cancer awareness month..I can't
remember which it is called sorry...but I did have mine and my lymph gland
that was huge a few months ago is so small they can barely see it now..it
is benign for now and I go again in 6 months to make sure things are still
ok :) 
Take care of your body..it is the only one you have...and it is never to
late to do so :)
If you have other health problems.with pain and have problems getting
around ask for help so your life can be lived to the fullest it can. If you
diabetes is out of control..take time please to work with it so you don't
have to suffer from the adverse affects it can cause. It is not easy with
diabetes but with all I have to cope with I would keep diabetes and toss
the other stuff out but I cannot.
And use the tools out there to help you no matter what you are trying to
cope with..that is what they are there for.
email @ redacted
aol IM chat ID riverbijou
ICQ# 48743830

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