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[IP] Total Daily Insulin - How Much is Too Much?; Continued

On 6/7/00 Melissa Howell wrote:
 >I average 60-80 units a day...is this too much?  is there a scale that
 >how much is too much?

The formula that is sometimes used is 0.1 unit for every pound of body
weight (0.22 / kg) to establish the basal dose.  Then double the basal rate
to arrive at the total daily insulin required.  It is imporant to understand
that this is a VERY rough approximation that is used when determining a new
pumper's starting point.  From this point everyone must determine their own
individual requirements.  We are all different with regard to size, insulin
sensitivity, diet, activity levels, etc. so, as with everything else, YMMV.
Knowing my total daily requirement is important to me.  After determining my
basal rate and insulin sensitivity, my total daily insulin usage can be used
to tell me if I am gaining or losing weight.  If I pump more than my
expected daily need then I am gaining weight.  If I am pumping less than my
daily need, and maintaining good bG readings, I know I am losing weight.
Therefore, if I notice a few days of pumping extra insulin then I see to it
that I spend the next few days pumping less than my dialy reuirement.

John Kinsley
email @ redacted
Type 1 for 44 yrs
MM 507 since 6/9/98

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