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[IP] retina,insulin amounts and intro

My name is Ashley and I have been on the pump for a year now.  I am 22 and 
have had diabetes since age 8.  I never took care of myself, in fact, I am a 
recovering anorexic- no doctor can believe I am still alive today after 
spending my teen years in ICU with bgs over 1000 and 60 lbs.  I am healthy 
now and my A1C is  normal for the first time in my diabetic life.  I 
developed complications- I reversed the neuropathy in my legs and feet and 
protein in my urine with good control due to the pump.  I have a bad case of 
retinopathy.  I have had about 10,000 laser burns, so finally had a 
vitrectomy in my right eye and am due for one in my left soon.  I need to 
know if there is anyone out there who had "reversed" their retinopathy (a bad 
case like mine).  I can't drive at night and barely during the day, but I do 
anyways.  I take shark oil, and so many supplements and keep my bg's as close 
to normal as possible.  I exercise 30 minutes a day, sometimes more, and eat 
     Which brings me to the second portion.  I read some posts about insulin 
rates.  Well, since my eyes are a big stress factor now, my basal has 
increased by .2 units an hour, so it also depends on stress.
I look foreward to hearing from anyone, any hope would be appreciated.

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