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[IP] transplants and the drugs

Hi everyone,
I've been a member here for a couple years now and read almost every post.
I wanted to state my piece on the transplants and anti-rejection drugs.
I had a kidney transplant 4 1/2 years ago and a pancreas transplant a little
over 2. I've been insulin free with no diet restrictions since I got the
panc. I have had no bad side effects form the drugs.
Its true a transplant is not for everyone and the drugs are definitely not
so easy on some folks. It's like the big "d" or about everything else in
life most things effect people in different ways.
>From personal experience I have gone from being almost legally blind and not
being able to drive to driving and getting some feeling back in my feet.
I help manage a mailing list that has people that have had transplant,
waiting for transplant to family members wanting info. I'm not sure of the
#'s but the success seems to out weigh the problems more and more.
Its true they start you out on a bunch of drugs but as time goes on most
doses are lowered and some dropped. On a day that I take the most for the
week I take 4 drugs which are about 6 pills. I can take them in one gulp and
I'm out the door. I eat what I want when I want. Sometimes once a day
sometimes I graze all day. The thing is I have a choice without worry.
I'm not trying to convince anyone this is right for you just that it is a
valid and not so drastic option. Its just another choice open for us like
the pump injections or whatever else comes down the tube as time goes on.
I know if my bod was to reject my transplant I'd be camping on the steps of
the hospital trying to get another one :)
I'd be happy to answer any questions or help anyone interested. If you can,
email me off the list. I try to read every digest to keep, but I don't
always get a chance to read each digest but I try.

NO SURRENDER  NO RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Barry Bruce
email @ redacted
ICQ# 10047360

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