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[IP] suspend

santana wrote:
>  Sometimes (when I'm sure I won't fall asleep after) I just disconnect
>  alltogether.  The pump is near by so the suspend alarm goes off in 15 

I don't suspend when i disconnect for a shower or anything else...I find 
there is no need...just let the 2 or 3 drops continue to  flow, and between 
midnight and 4 am, my basal is only .3, so I am not missing MASSIVE doses of 
insulin if I WERE to have the foresight to disconnect.  By not suspending, 
then i don't have to worry about any air backing up in there, not that the 
laws of physics would allow that to happen, but many people have reported 
that it has happened to them

I didn't have an opportunity to disconnect for the first rip out...I am the 
kind of person, and Freddy is the kind of man, fortunately, that we both 
kinda IGNORED the whole thing...it wasn't in our way.  And I didn't 
disconnect for the second one, cuz I AM the type of person who would forget 
to reconnect, and sleep is sometimes unavoidable after a night like that!   
And no minor MNMD alarm is gonna wake me!!! (especially if it has fallen 6 
feet to the clothing covered floor below...)

Sara, who shares way too much about her almost non-existent sex life with you 
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