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[IP] Pushing the boulder up the cliff

Okay... gatekeeper two down... Now waiting on her to 
officially send the refferal to the pump coordinator in 
Martinez so I can take their training classes and get a 
pump and supplies ordered.

Optimistic (best-case) estimate: I'll be off shots in 
1.5 months.

Pessimistic estimate: Not until thanksgiving.

Realistic estimate: I'll get into the late July/early 
August class, have the pump by late august, be switched 
over by early/mid september.

Realistic Bottom Line: God(dess) willing I'll be able 
to set my mind on something else for longer than five 
minutes between now and then.

-Sara G.

In the news today:  Federal Judge orders Microsoft 
split into two separate companies: MICROS~1 and MICROS~2

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