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[IP] HA1C's & Exercise

Kathy wrote
>  i think most people aim for non diab a1c's like 5-6.

thank GOD I don't qualify as "most people" (and many times I don't even 
qualify as "some people."

Why would I want non-diabetic numbers?  I am a diabetic and have the scars to 
prove it!    My doctor is tickled pink with the range I shoot for, and hit:  
6.5 - 7.4, and I am happy with those numbers too.  The reduction in 
complications was shown in the DCCT with an average of something like 8.0 (I 
think), anyway!    

I like to get the ranges from the lab with my test, showing hte non-d range, 
the well controlled range and the out of control range....and have been in 
the well controlled diabetic range since I got on the pump 7 1/2 years ago 
(except for a couple of slacker times in 1996, but that is not a story for 

I would rather not be such a control freak and have to stress about a few 
high numbers here and there skewing my A1c,  whether I have air bubbles in my 
reservoir or whether there was hidden cornstarch in my chinese food...but 
then again....I am not most people.  I don't let the A1c be any kind of a 
GOAL for me...I want my day to day numbers to be in range...which is why i 
wouldn't mind having a continuous sensor so i could see what is happening the 
OTHER 23 hours and 50 minutes of the day!

NYC Sara
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