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[IP] difficult? Lyra's weird night?

Sammi wrote about the stupid doctor who tried to dissuade his patient from 
getting a pump cuz
>  she'd be very uncomfortable during sex.  
>  that it would make sex difficult! 

This doctor is AN IDIOT, and really should tell his patients that he is just 
"PRACTICING" at being a doctor and they should come back when he is fully 
educated and trained....

and Lya wrote
> I was fooling around with my fiance, and some how 
> accidently pulled out my site. So I let it go for a little. 
> When checked 1/2 hour later, I find i'm low. I treated it
> put another set in, and it hurts. I'm gonna leave it in for a little

You know how I told you guys yesterday I had changed my site 4 times in the 
last 10 days, which is really unusual for me....well, maybe there was 
something in the air last night, for I, too, was friskily frolicking last 
night and we rambunctiously ripped out my site...You can tell that doctor 
there was NOTHING uncomfortable about it....Hell, didn't even feel it RIP 
off...htough I vaguely remember hearing the thud as it crashed to the 
floor...When it was "convenient" i put in a new site...tested (78!!), drank 
juice, and made sure the pump had survived the 6 foot free fall (it was fine) 
and climbed back up the ladder.

A few hours later, we ripped the replacement set out - THAT was the difficult 
part - I was NOT in the mood to poke myself again....so I didn't...when i got 
up a few hours later, I was scared to check, but I did....the meter said 
19...thinking maybe my eyes were still crossed, I tested again, and got a 
more believeable 149...I put in my 6th site in 11 days, but have been running 
high all day....

ah the joy of sex

HEY!!!  I am gonna host a CHAT!!!  wanna come?  Sunday night, 11pm eastern 
standard time.  We are gonna call it "Sunday Sound off with Sara Smartie 
Pants" - come on in....if you DARE

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