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[IP] Re: Mixing insulins

We use regular in our mix with humalog, 1/2 and 1/2.  It works great, as before Kelly's sites would only last
36 hours.  Now the rest of this will sound crazy.... when we started filling several cartridges at once, and
leaving them in the refrigerator, to use during the following 6-8 weeks, we noticed major degradation.  So now
we do one cartridge at a time.  Even though I then make sure their is no air in the insulin bottle by releasing
it with a syringe before refrigerating it, I find that after doing two cartridges, (one a week) the insulin is
no longer as effective, so I throw it out.  Major waste.  Perhaps in drawing up the cartridges, I inadvertenly
get a tiny bit of the regular and humalog into the opposing bottles, degrading it?  It try to be really careful
about that, but after many frustrating experiences with it, I've decided to just use each bottle two times and
Kelly's blood sugars are then great.

Mary, Kelly's Mom

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