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[IP] Re: shopping and lows

The NORDSTROM SYNDROME!  I love it!  I could never explain this coincidence to my husband either.  But darn it, it's true!  I always have a low while shopping.  7 of 10 times I notice while I'm in the dressing room, trying on clothes...thus the "juice box in the purse" trick.  Frustrating when you're trying to decide if this color matches that one, while trying not to drool or fall over on yourself! 

Now, I had a CDE tell me once it was all the "walking" you do in a mall...or perhaps carrying all those heavy bags (I wish!)  She said to eat one lifesaver for every store I went in.  (I'm laughing).  

My own conclusion is that shopping can be a stress reliever for some, and the relaxation (of finding a good sale!) causes your blood sugars to drop.

If only I could time those cookie/cinnabon cravings better while at the mall I'd be a happy (ok, happier) shopper!

Take Care, 
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