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[IP] HA1C's & Exercise

Hi Rosemary,

I'm not shooting for a specific A1C number as much as I am shooting for
overall better control with fewer highs and lows. I measure this through
the program that comes with my meter (which automatically downloads the
results). Prepump I had 50% normal readings, something like 35% highs
and 15% lows; now it is closer to 70% normal with 17% highs and 13%

Eeveryone's target A1C is going to be a little different--it depends on
the original A1C reading as well as the age/time of life of the diabetic
(just like asking about how many pounds a dieter is aiming to lose).
Personally I want to keep mine under 7, but it was already at 6.8
pre-pump. After the pump it has been 6.8 and then 6.5. But the dramatic
difference I have seen is in the number of readings closer to normal
(not high or low).

My initial suggestion re. exercise. I hate temporary basals personally,
but lots of folks use them. Instead, when I am exercising I suspend the
pump (check bg before and after suspending). I gardened for over 2 hours
over the weekend and my bg readings were great with no insulin during
that period. I do the same thing when playing ping pong, unless bg is
150 or above to start with. Those are my 2 cents worth anyway.

Good luck to you!


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