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[IP] Re: exercise and Hba1C


Sorry to miss your original post. I'm shooting for a hemoglobin of 
under 6, preferably 5.8 or 5.9. After I hit that goal, I'll shoot for 5.5 
or so. Last time I was 6.3, so I'm getting there. 

Re: exercise. I had a hard time with this when I started too. The book, 
Pumping Insulin, has an excellent chapter on setting basals based on 
the type and amount of exercise you'll be doing. My problem is 
consistently forgetting to lower basals, and I end up low lots of times. 
I'm working on this. I'm an archaeologist, and when I'm in the field I 
am pretty active. Especially the first two days I lower my basals by 
about 30% or more. That is, I'm usually at .6 during the day, and I 
lower to .4 or .3, depending on how active I am. By the third day, I 
usually don't lower, or only to .5, as my body adjusts to the activity. 

Another helpful thing is to test more often, esp. when you change your 
basals. I try to test every 2-3 hours as it is, but if I changed my basals 
and was doing hard exercise like you were, I would test every 1-1.5 
hours during the day, until the exercise was over.

I hope this helps.

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