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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #225

Good points.

I ASSUMED the man was type 1 because his symptoms--well- matched mine: high
numbers, thirst. urination etc. Nothing was said about his weight etc.

It also seemed like the time between his visit to the doctor and his crisis
was short- some months.

I'll try to find the article electronically and edit it down to specifics.

YES this is in Syracuse NY. the article was in the Post Standard, perhaps
last Saturday if someone is more "e educated "than I and wants to look it
up. E mail me and I will give you specifics.

************************Pump update: I was approved through MM, but have
decide to wait for an Animus or D tron. Hope to be pumping by the end of
summer. I see SO many advantages! I reluctantly ( and seldom do) carry
insulin and needles with me, so it will make eating out a

Bob A

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