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[IP] Cell Transplant

My two main concerns about the Alberta study are: 1.) Where do the cells 
come from and is it verifiable? I remember in the early days of beta cell 
transplantation the majority of cells came from aborted fetuses and I will 
not support that endeavor in the least.  If they can verify that the cells 
came from John Doe killed in a head on collision I will look at 
participation. 2.) Additional medication. Adding three immunosuppression 
(?) medications will only raise my morning pill dose to 14. I'm already 
tired of 11, or will I be able to stop taking some of them?

To me it sounds great for someone young and recently diagnosed. But, and I 
am only speaking for me, older long term patients should remain on the 
conventional treatment. I was excited about cell transplantation back in 
1985 when I first asked my doctor about it, but now...........


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