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[IP] HA1C's & Exercise

Hello again,
    I'm still Rosemary, diabetic since age 10 and still wondering why no one
wrote back when I asked a few days ago about what specific HA1C number you
guys are hoping to hit?     Also, would like to know if anybody out there
can tell me how to calculate a lower basal rate when working out or
exercising?? Had gone to help my sister clean her home today at 9 AM. Had
breakfast at 7:30 where I bolused 2.5 units for a 55 gram breakfast because
I started the morning with a bg of only 60. I usually bolus 1 unit for 15
grams. Anyway, by 11 AM after scrubbing and waxing her floors for about an
hour and 15 minutes, I had a 28! Took OJ, ate lunch of 60 grams, after which
I bolused only 2 units. 2 and 1/2 hr. later, after cleaning her bathroom and
vacuuming her upstairs hall, I was at 39! So, ok, I figure I should have
decreased by basals while cleaning but as I was only on .5 at the time, what
should I have decreased them to??? Can anyone help me? Been on the pump
since last July, a MM 507-C. Thanks much!

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