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[IP] geneva's comfort zone, cont.

> My big problem is nights. I cannot and will not burden someone else with
> checking him in the middle of the night like we do probably 4-5

this was my big problem also.  but what we started to do was to test at
11:30 pm instead of 2 am.  we would do a correction based on that number and
then see just what happened throughout the remainder of the night.  I did a
little more adjustments on the basals from midnight to wakeup.  on a good
night...geneva would hit bottom  (90-100)  right at midnight and then start
to climb UP towards morning.   I think I remember someone posting that at
midnight,  you are at your lowest?  this may be wrong...but I see it in

so...if you know that kevin has dawn phen.  ....and that he definitely
starts a rise around 3 am....you could try having him test at 11 pm or 12 am
(and at sleepovers they are usually UP then)  ...if he is in the
150's....maybe give just enough to get him down to 130?   then let him rise
gradually until morning.  if he does this big drop from 12 am until 3 am
(like geneva...leave it alone)  I would just be cautious with over

I am now testing geneva at 11-12 am.  just so I don't have to fret about
these horrible 2 am tests.  and if she is in her good stage...she seems to
do fine all night.  it is only these HIGH periods in which she has problems.
and this will happen whether she is at an overnight or at our house.

hope you can glean some info and support from all of these 'comfort zone'


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