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[IP] Basals: Highs, Some Ketones, Stress

When one thing goes bad, everything goes bad...
 Ok, I saw my endo last Thursday, since then my bg
have been high. I decreased one basal whihc was a good
change (Mid afternoon, but before then now I"m high).
I've been averaging 170-290 each day lately, while for
at least a month it'd been 70-110. I  upped my basals
a month ago, highest they've ever been (hence why I
also lowered one). I plan on basal testing a week from
Friday--b/c school is out then and all of the school
stress will be over. Now, I'm thinking well a.it's not
my period (I've been high more than 2 days), b. I hope
it's not a cold, but I don't think it is either, again
it's been more than 2 days, c. no clue why I'd get
ketones.  I've been feeling fine, obviously tired and
worn down, but just ready for school to be out..also,
waiting to hear my a1c, which God willing will be
under 7.  I was 313 after dinner, which I had bolused
on the heavy side for. I just checked no reason why,
but I did have small ketones--and I'm not big on
ketones. I never got them on shots, and I have been
eating regularly lately and am not dehydrated. 
 Any opinions on the highs and then ketones tossed in?
I'm not stupid, but I get to wondering--last time it
was really "like this" was a UTI, but right now I feel
totally fine. One change is I've started using my legs
for sites, and I've gone off of rapids for the past
week and been using micros--so I guess that is a
 Don't know...

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