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[IP] comfort zone...con't

Several parents have written how their children went to an Amusement parks
and class trips without them and did great.  One boy substituted a Coke and
cheetoes for lunch because he knew the carb count.  He had a list of fast
food that wasn't offered on the trip.  Although that was not necessarily
nutritionally balanced it showed that he was thinking on his feet and knew
he needed to carb count. 

This was my son Kevin, I'm the one starting this whole "comfort zone" thing. 
This was his first trip without us since dx and you are right...although it 
wasnt what WE would have picked, it was good thinking on his part. I also 
think that Kevin is very impulsive and sometimes defiant and saw no problem 
with what he was chosing to eat.

My big problem is nights. I cannot and will not burden someone else with 
checking him in the middle of the night like we do probably 4-5 nights/week. 
So, we have a lot of sleep overs HERE. I guess I feel I am being very 
irresponsible for letting him go overnight when things are not very 
stable.(or consistent)  He is not able to detect lows while he is asleep 
either even though he can very well during the day. 

The GOOD NEWS is that he went to a friends today for 7 hours without us. BUT, 
the mother is an RN, and the father is a ER doc! Cant beat that! ha ha. 
Ok...baby steps! :) He did well, but he and his friend were major couch 
potatoes due to the rain!

Thanks everyone for your comments. I will get there sooner or later, and with 
confidence in Kevin and ourselves.  BABY STEPS! :)

Mom to Kevin, 12, dx 12/98
pumping 5/99
(wish we could put the ADHD meds in the pump too!)
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