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Re: [IP] Diabetes in Teens any way out of those cracks?

In a message dated 6/6/00 1:27:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< It is a changing world and you and I CAN make a difference. The only 
 way you can fall throught the cracks is if you let it happen.
  Well said..as I always say to Melissa, "if you're not part of the solution, 
then you're still part of the problem?
   Just to expand upon Amy's & Sherry's suggestions, a teenaged support group 
was started in the Phila area in November by Melissa and her CDE. The initial 
gathering drew 21 teens ages 12-17. They sat around & talked about school 
issues & just general info. They all appeared to be pleased with how things 
went, but as is typical with teens, it's hard to sustain that commitment & 
   The 2nd gathering was in a restaurant with the CDE"s then-nutritionist ( 
since let go)..Only 12 showed & Melissa was NOT thrilled. 3rd gathering was a 
bowling outing & only 4 showed..at which point she & I convinced the CDE that 
these kids were NOT looking to make friends & that they simply needed a venue 
for sharing & comparing.
   So the 4th gathering was back in his office & although only 7 showed up, 
they each brought a close friend, so everyone benefitted from the information 
   The most recent gathering was devoted to hearing about the "state of the 
art products" like the Precision Xtra meter & the Animas pump. ..which only 
drew a very small group. 
    Concurrently, I had orchestrated a Moms Lunch Bunch & last week, 25 of us 
gathered for a "caring & sharing" session. VERY well-received, very needed & 
definitely going to be continued. One of the moms suggested that a more 
effective gathering for the teens/pre-teens might be a group "service 
project", since so many of the schools require community service hours.
    Anyway, that's the brief history of Melissa's Teens in Control 
group....She gets an A+ for effort and intentions, but given that the most 
responsible, compliant teens with diabetes ( like Lily) are often the ones 
who are also committed to so many other causes, sports, activities, etc., 
it's clear that perpetuating a group like this is a difficult, albeit greatly 
needed, task. 

Regards, Renee (pump-mom)
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