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[IP] RANTING!!! (Dr. Demento IS out there)

With all the talk about potentially revoking medical licenses, I wanted to
share something that made me so mad I could spit yesterday.  This is
concerning a doc who should have more than just his license revoked!

I got a call yesterday morning from a woman who is very interested in going
on the pump.  She knows me because I taught her high-school-age daughter, &
she (the daughter & I) are close & have talked quite a bit about her
concerns over her mother's diabetes.  Well, the mom ("Donna") has had far
more than her share of diabetic struggles over the past several
years...she's reached the point, after 35 years of diabetes (I think she's
only in her forties), where she is losing her eyesight (one eye down
already, the other progressinvely deteriorating), has all sorts of
circulation problems, no feeling in one leg from the knee down...most of us
know or have imagined the scenario.  She has always led a very active life -
is employed by a public school system, was working full time until she & the
diabetic complications had to spend some quality time in the hospital a few
months ago.

Anyway, the recent problems have really served as a call to action for her,
as far as pursuing more aggressive treatment.  She is currently on MDI, with
wide swings all the time despite working very hard at "getting it right."
(I know how that goes!)  She has looked into pumping & decided that she
would like to go that route & also see what it takes to be considered for a
transplant.  ("Hooray!" says the local pump evangelist!)  The doctor that
she went to (at a highly respected medical facility in our area) dismissed
the transplant idea entirely & without any discussion or explanation (this
was BEFORE even examining her), & told her she should NOT get a pump - that
she ought to be able to do well enough on six shots a day, she wouldn't like
the pump, & besides - she'd be very uncomfortable during sex.  YES, that is
what he told her - she's looking at losing her eyesight, has been through
hospital hell the past several months, & he told her that it would make sex
difficult!  (My husband says that this is news to us)  When that didn't seem
to discourage her, he proceeded to let her know that if you're on a pump you
can't swim or go into a hot tub, that the insertion needles are about five
inches long & extremely painful, & that set changes are an extremely
complicated procedure that require extensive training & often outside help
as well!!!  GGGRRRR!!!!!!!!

Fortunately, she is a very intelligent woman, & much of this did not ring
true, given the glowing testimonials I had provided to her daughter & the
other info she had picked up - so part of the reason she was calling me was
to get the number of MY doctor & to ask me some very straightforward
questions...her family is now more than a little intimidated by the whole
prospect of pumping, given the misinformation they got.  I told her that if
it would ease her husband's mind about it, I'd be glad to visit & demo
everything for them - do a set change, etc, so they could see that it's not
major surgery we're talking here!  She also told me that she intends to
contact the insurance provider who set her up with this doctor to explain
WHY she was changing physicians, & recommend that they not refer people in
that direction.

I'm glad she's notifying them...I'm just so aggrivated at the thought of how
many other patients have walked in asking those same questions - & accepted
the answers they were given as credible?  How many people could have a
better quality of life right this minute...& don't?  I'm sincerely hope
that, for every doctor (be wonderful if he's the only one) who speaks out
against this kind of treatment, there are ten others encouraging patients to
learn what they can do to improve their own health & well-being.  Thank you,
doctors with vision!!!

Calming Down,

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