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RE: [IP] Velosulin Humulog mixture

> Michael said:
> <<A mix of Humalog and Velosulin seems to extend the life of the
> site to at least 4 days for most people. The reasons behind this are
> unknown, but there is ample ancedotal evidence from Insulin Pumpers
> list members of all ages (kids & adults) that this little trick
> works.>>
> I don't think the reasons behind this are unknown.  A Novo Nordisk
> rep sent me some info about Velosulin which states, in part: "The
> occurence of catheter obstruction and related complications during
> use of external insulin pumps is a function of the insulin
> preparation used. It has been reported that buffered insulin is
> associated with fewer catheter obstructions than nonbuffered
> insulin.

The infusion set itself does not become occluded, the tissue at the 
site become irritated and just won't absorb the insulin. Anyway, the 
buffer in Humalog is supposed to be the same as that in Velosulin.
The result is similar to what happens when you get an internal bleed 
at the site. The insulin keeps going in, but bg's don't come down.

> I'd bet a much higher percentage of list members would notice an
> improvement in two areas by mixing Velosulin with their Humalog: 1)
> Longer lasting infusion sites. 2) Fewer high BGs for unknown
> reasons. Its been great for me.  YMMV. And thank you Michael for the
> fine work you do for us all.
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