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Re: [IP] local doc needs paddle

email @ redacted wrote:

> Her patient came in with classic signs of diabetes (thirst etc.) The
> physician dx'd the diabetes and gave the gentleman a choice- insulin
> therapy OR a vegetarian diet with lots of water.
> The patient chose the diet and his bgs DID become lower.  After a while he
> became less vigilent about the diet and became sick. He was admitted to an
> ER with very bad numbers.  He is now on insulin and seeing another md.. SHE
> has HER a--- in a sling.  She is also claiming harassment due to her
> embracing of alternative therapies in general and some of her political
> views specifically.

She probably figured he was a garden-variety Type 2, and was basically
recommending diet and exercise. I don't know what led her to that conclusion
-- was he older and overweight? (Adult Type 1's CAN be overweight when

The fact that he ended up in the ER, indicates that he might not be a typical
Type 2.  Type 2's don't usually get that sick that fast, unless they are quite
elderly and have some other concurrent illness.  Did he have some other
illness as well?

So I don't think we have enough information to know whether she was justified
in her conclusion or not.

> I'd be interested in other opinions of this. Personally I AM on a
> vegetarian diet and try to drink enuf water; but wouldn't think of
> substituting that regimen for insulin.
I don't think a vegetarian diet is bad at all. In Type 1, it's obvious that
you need insulin as well, no matter what your diet, but in early Type 2,
that's not usually the case. Many Type 2's can do just fine on diet and
exercise for a long time. And they don't have to be TOTALLY strict about it,

Remember that Type 2 is a TOTALLY different disease from Type 1 -- and
sometimes it's a challenge for a doc to determine exactly which type a
middle-aged adult has!

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