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[IP] Falling between the cracks

I remember the feeling of falling between the cracks from the time I was old 
enough to care (15 or so) until I was a pumper and part of a pump support 
group (at age 20)...  This was 20 years ago, mind you, so things have changed.
 I was the youngest pumper in our group (I made a little puppet with a TI 
battery pack as a pump to take to meetings to verify my 'young' age to the 
mostly 40 and 50 year old members of the group).

I also started a post-teen support group a few years later which we carried on 
in peoples homes.  About a dozen of us for two years, once a month 

The problem, as everyone already said, is that parents need support to help 
their kids, elders need support to help them ease the mental pain of eating 
cake and having to 'pay' for it, and we get the short end because we've taken 
care of ourselves and everyone feels it isn't needed.

I would approach the local ADA or JDF chapter to get names and phone numbers 
and addresses of other type Is (as well as freindly nurses or secrateries at 
your doctor and other doctors you know deal with teenage diabetics).  You 
might also try a local family or general doc or internist.  He might have 
enough patients of the right age to be interested in hosting the meetings.

Good luck to all who try this.

((There are some general diabetes lists out there also: I think the one from 
Lehigh U. is the biggest but not sure))

Yerachmiel Altman
20 years pumping and still waiting for my glucose sensor which controls the 
pump and my lifetime supply of insulin (not to mention the end of 

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