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[IP] Re: comfort zone

Hi everyone!  I've been following the comfort zone stuff, and wasn't going 
to respond until I read Betsy's response asking if she was too laxed with 
her daughters treatment.  My thought is NO WAY!!!  As long as your daugter 
is responsible enough and is willing to take the responsibility, let her.  
If you don't, she will never learn to be self sufficient, and you will be 
taking care of her the rest of yours or her life.  I was diagnosed at age 11 
and started doing everything myself at that point.  Sure my parents helped 
and reminded me when I would forget or whatever, but my diabetes care has 
always been MY responsibility.  I always drew up my own shots, from the day 
I was diagnosed. When I was on exchanges, my mom would usually measure out 
my food, but I was perfectly capable of doing it my self. That's just 
because *I* felt like I was ready.  I'm not sure at what age children become 
responsible enough to take care of themselves, and am sure that it is very 
different for every child.  I guess what I'm saying is if you are doing fine 
with you daughter taking care of herself, then keep doing what your doing.  
Don't think you're doing something wrong if it's working!  For you mothers 
that are doing everything for you kids or don't feel that they are ready, 
they probably aren't (mother's instinct) but you'll never know if they can 
do it if you don't let them try if they want.  I don't think that I said 
anything that could be offensive to anyone, but if I did I'm sorry.
dx'd 11/22/91
pumping 5/10/00
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