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[IP] A** in a sling

Bob wrote:
> patient came in with classic signs of diabetes (thirst etc.) The
> physician dx'd the diabetes and gave the gentleman a choice-
> insulin therapy OR a vegetarian diet with lots of water

Not clear.  was this person diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes?  Was he a 
so-called "classic" case of type 2 diabetes, overweight, poor diet, sedentary 
(though WE enlightened IPers know these aren't the ONLY things that makes you 
a type 2....).

If so, then I would hope the physician WOULD offer diet and that the patient 
WOULD  choose the diet first.  If given the option to eat healthy and lose 
weight or take shots for the rest of my life, personally, I would lose the 
weight and eat healthy, knowing what I know now,anyway...

Perhaps the doctor RIGHTLY told him that if he stuck to this diet, and was 
able to lose some weight, then his pancreas would be able to make enough 
insulin and he would be able to keep his bg down without insulin. If he was 
lax, lazy or forgetful, then sure...his numbers continue to suck and he ends 
up in ER with DKA.  It's NOT solely the doctors fault

I know when I eat close to a vegetarian diet, my insulin needs drop 
significantly, so it makes sense to me that IF this person was a "classic" 
type 2, that this type of diet would be beneficial.  As a physican, which 
praise god i am not, this would certainly be my first choice for a newly 
diagnosed type 2.  of course, then I would ALSO also have him testing his bg 
REGULARLY and if the diet alone didn't WORK, then I would start him on the 
oral meds...and then the insulin

ON THE OTHER HAND, if the guy was diagnosed with type 1, then, as Roseanne 
Roseannadana would say...."never mind."  Type 1 is type 1 is type 1 - you 
NEED insulin.  period.  end of discussion...How *MUCH* insulin is certainly 
affected by how and what you eat, and indeed by how much water you drink, but 
you can NOT NOT need insulin if you are a type 1 diabetic.

So, before I would want this doc's license, i would want to know what kind of 
diabetes the fellow had...

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