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Re: [IP] local doc needs paddle

My doctor out me on a vegetarian diet but not as treatment for diabetes. I
have a host of other health problems. But many type II;s are placed on a
food plan at first with exercise. If the patient was not being compliant
and did not follow his program it is sad to blame the doctor for everything
afterall the doctor cannot live a patient's diabetes only the patient can.
My doctor's all use some types of alternative medicine for some things..but
after all where did medicine come from origianlly? Many doctors are being
harrassed because they dare to think about other ways to help a patient. It
is all part of the control the government has BTW many insurance companies
are now paying for alternative treatments (Hurray!)
Just my input :)
I think the patient ought to bear some responsibility here. The doc was
trying to keep him off insulin but he didn't follow through. My vegan food
plan exists because of many physical reasons and food allergies and etc
etc..and I have a cholesterol reading of 184 brought down from over 224.
And I am losing weight nicely and it doesn't affect my gastroparesis so
severely and my food allergies are also helped. But I have to live u to my
end of taking care of myslef. I am really sorry this doctor is going
through all of this.

At 07:29 AM 06/06/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>A local doc is in danger of losing her license for her treatment of a
>newbie diabetic.
>She is known for her sometimes using alternative treatments, and she is a
>community activist. My wife used to go see her until we switched to an HMO.
>Her patient came in with classic signs of diabetes (thirst etc.) The
>physician dx'd the diabetes and gave the gentleman a choice- insulin
>therapy OR a vegetarian diet with lots of water.
>The patient chose the diet and his bgs DID become lower.  After a while he
>became less vigilent about the diet and became sick. He was admitted to an
>ER with very bad numbers.  He is now on insulin and seeing another md.. SHE
>has HER a--- in a sling.  She is also claiming harassment due to her
>embracing of alternative therapies in general and some of her political
>views specifically.
>I'd be interested in other opinions of this. Personally I AM on a
>vegetarian diet and try to drink enuf water; but wouldn't think of
>substituting that regimen for insulin.
>Bob A
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