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[IP] re: Help! I'm all tangled up!

<part of original post>
<I've recently started pumping and find that I get all tangled up at
night - I use long silhouettes.  I've tried clipping it to pj's, keeping
it pj pocket and putting it under the pillow, but I still wake up all
wrapped up!>

Hi Tom,

Try either the waist belt (not sure that is the right name for it, but
MM sells it for around $15 or so)--I used to use it for sleeping--put
pump in pouch in the middle (below belly button!) or try the leg strap
(I now use this because my wife objected to rolling over and competing
with the pump when in the middle of my body!). I attach the leg strap
right below the knee so that the strap does not slip (my calves are
slightly larger, so that prevents the strap from slipping). I prefer the
waist strap, but my wife prefers the leg strap.



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