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RE: [IP] Velosulin Humulog mixture

> I haven't heard of this before.  What does Velosulin do to the site?
>  I am on Lispro.

Velosulin or most other insulins don't do anything to the site. 
Humalog (lispro), however, irritates infusion sites for some small 
percentage of people. About 5% of our surveyed list members use an 
insulin mix to moderate this irritation and thus promote the 
longevity of their infusion sites. The typical complaint is that 
sites only last for a couple of days if that. With Velosulin or 
regular insulin,  the sites will last 4 or more days (not advised). A 
mix of Humalog and Velosulin seems to extend the life of the site to 
at least 4 days for most people. The reasons behind this are unknown, 
but there is ample ancedotal evidence from Insulin Pumpers list 
members of all ages (kids & adults) that this little trick works.

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