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Re: [IP] Diabetes in Teens any way out of those cracks?

> Ok, 
>  Are we all agreeing it's JUST LIKE THAT, and there's
> no way to change it? Maybe it's an age thing, but even
> the parents I know, except for teh exceptoin of one
> mother, people only see their kids with it and
> advocate, advocate, but when their kids are teens they
> will see no one has made the effort before adn know
> now how others were complaining before th


That is why it is our job and yours to educate all we can as we pass 
through their lives. If even a little bit of it sticks, the ones who 
follow will benefit, and you will know you have contributed your 
"bit". As an example, the number of kids on pumps has increased 
dramatically just in the last year or two -- this is according to the 
pump manufacturers not just wishful thinking from reading the mail 
list. Schools are becoming more compliant as more parents demand -- 
and get -- accomodations for their kids with diabetes. 

It is a changing world and you and I CAN make a difference. The only 
way you can fall throught the cracks is if you let it happen.


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