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RE: [IP] 3+ day sites

At 09:39 AM 6/6/00 Sherry Webb Nolan wrote:
 >Amen Sara!
 >I use straight Humalog and have left sets in up to 6 days without a problem
 >with bgs or infections.  I did notice though that if I left it in more then
 >4 days the site took a little longer to heal.  Sometime I leave it in 5 or 6
 >days when it isn't convenient to change but for the most part I schedule it
 >every 4 days because I scar easily.  I figure if it takes less time to heal
 >there is less chance of scarring.

Everyone is totally different on this. While you may be able to do this, 
others cannot. I found that if I left a site in more than 3-4 days, that I 
had severe site problems. So, everyone needs to be extremely careful if 
they exceed the recommended time.


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