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[IP] 3+ day sitess

George writes:
> I would not suggest keeping a site longer than 3 days.  

George, babe, you know I love ya, but....

I can, and do, keep my sites 4 and 5 days, and have gone 6.  I have never, 
knock on wood, had an infection, and usually the ony sign on my body that 
there was an intruder there is a white oval of skin surrounding by a furry 
black patch, where my cothing lint has stuck to the bard...

When in doubt, change it out, but if my sugars are staying in that expected 
range...why poke myself unnecessarily??  I am using a mix now of about 1:1, 
maybe a little more on the H side...

Now that said, I have changed my sites 4 times in the last 10 days cuz I was 
using legs, which just don't last as long due to pantie up and downage...

Sara SP
Sara Swiftie Pants
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