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[IP] urine - you're out

well i have been reading with lackluster interest about the urine 
procedures....and I just have to add my 3 quarts....

When I participated in the aminoguanidine/pimaine study (a drug they are/were 
testing for its potential to stop the sticky proteins from attaching), I was 
ding a 24 hour every 3months...I lived in Texas, with a DORM sized fridge in 
my house...yes the kind you used to have under your bed in college that hold 
a six pack of diet coke and a pint of ben and jerry's if you squash it kinda 

NO way would that jug fit, even if there was nothing else in there.  I also 
told the researchers I only got 6 tiny ice cubes at a time...and they said 
don't worry about it.  That is why they put the preservative in there!  They 
didn't want it sitting around for several days after it was saved, of course, 
so I would do it the day before my appointment...no big deal.  

I guess if you live a real planned, structured life and don't want to lug a 
pee jug to work and therefore you can ONLY do it on a weekend, then the ice 
is important...if you do the saving on Sunday and your appt isn't until 
Thursday, there might be some creedance to keeping it chilled...

But then I am also the kind of person who has no problem walking down the 
hall with a plastic bag in my hand....shoot no one knows whats in there but 
YOU, and maybe the diabetic door man to your building.

NYC Sara
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