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[IP] (Fwd) Ralph's Italian Ices - BOY AM I ANGRY!!!!

Man, am I fuming right now!!!!!!!!!!

Just got off the phone with a Mr. Larry Silvestro, the owner of a 
chain of italian ice stores here in NY called Ralph's.  They just 
opened one near me.

They sell what they call a 'sugar free' italian ice.  So, of course, I 
asked for the carb count at the local store.  The 16 year old behind 
the counter didn't have a clue - but was very cordial and gave me 
the phone number of corporate HQ - which I called this morning.  
That's when I spoke with Mr. Silvestro.

I asked him for nutritional information on his products.  His 
response was "WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW???" . I asked for 
carb content on his three types of products, water ices, cream ices 
and especially the sugar free ice.  He then told me that they don't 
have to give that out - because products for immediate 
consumption are given a waiver of labelling requirements.  (BTW, 
that IS true - i looked it up on the FDA web site).

So, I asked him again, and this time his response was WHY do 
you want to know.  So, of course, I told him about Allie. 

Here's where it got good....this guy then proceeded to tell me that 
he used to be a physician's assistant, and what the heck was I 
doing feeding any sweets to my daughter anyway.  He started to 
lecture me about how to take care of diabetes.  When I tried to tell 
him about the pump and that his 'medical' opinion was both 
outdated and just plain wrong - he told me to put my request in 
writing, and then hung up.


Anyway, I've sent him his letter - demanding an apology.  But also 
(and I'm a JDF Board Member) - I have informed JDF International 
of this GROSS disservice to the diabetic community (quoting 
Renee here) - and they will be in contact with these folks as well...

Steve Winer

Steve Winer - Dad to Allie
14 y/o - dx 6/97 - MM508 12/99
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