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[IP] Re: Foot Neuropathy

Hi Mark,

I also have peripheral neuropathy, for about seven years now.  It began around
the time of my father's serious illness and death, and I have always attributed
that stress as a trigger of my PN.  It progressively worsened over time while
on two injections per day of R/NPH and good control (A1cs in the 7 range).

About six months ago I finally got fed up with the constant agony, the drug
fog and my quality of life in general and started doing my homework.  I put
myself on MDI, gritted my teeth and started exercising and found a health care
team willing to work with me.  I lowered my A1c to the high 5 range, went on
the pump and started taking antioxidants and an antidepressant.

GUESS WHAT?  My pain has been reduced by at least 75% compared to six months
ago.  I haven't felt this good in years!  Of course YMMV, but you just have
to experiment to find what works best for you.

A great starting place is the book "Numb Toes and Aching Soles".  I believe
the author's last name is Sennett.  It was published in 1999 and has the best
current information on PN that I have run across.  I got my copy online at Diabetes

E-mail me privately if you wish...and good luck to you!

Shelly Fast
dx 1981, assimilated 2/11/00

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