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RE: [IP] Diabetes in Teens any way out of those cracks?

I think in general there just aren't groups out there for 16-80 type 1s.
Mostly because after having D a decade or so people think we just don't need
them. Grrr...  

Ok I have had this idea for a while and have presented it to every endo I
have had in the last few years and all gave the same response:

IDEA:  I want to start a support group for type 1s age 16-26 because there
isn't really a good support group out there for this age group.  The going
off to college, right out of college, wanting to start a family, etc age
group.  I started mentioning this at age 17 and am 24 now.

RESPONSE:  I don't think you would have enough people come to it.  There
just isn't much interest in that age group for a group.  (Hello???? I
wouldn't be mentioning it if I didn't want it).

To be honest, the first nurse I mentioned it to when I was 17 thought it was
a great idea, she invited in all the teenagers the doctor had (peds endo)
and had it as a roundtable discussion.  12 out of the 17 kids invited showed
up and we had a good 2 hour talk on common issues we were having problems
with such as nighttime NPH and when to take it, sports, etc.  Went great.
The doctor got wind of how it was handled and stopped the meetings.  He was
upset we were giving each other "medical" advice.  The meetings to him
should have had speakers and been more lecture like.  

I want to start a group more like the roundtable that can have the 22-26ers
giving advice to the 16-19s going to college from what they experienced, and
common tips that they all have to common problems.  Also have the talks of
hormones, pregnancy, etc that maybe a little old for the 16s but at least
gives them information for later in their lives.

Maybe I just need to try to start it and not have it affiliated with a
Hospital/Doctor.  Any suggestions?

-- Sherry
Another one is still falling through the never-ending crack
(Born 6/2/1976, Dxd 8/9/1980, Pumping 12/6/1999)
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