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[IP] Michael

	Michael Said "The above adds up to about $23,000 a year or just a
little less than 
> $2000 per month. I know that I've not included some things, but 
> these are the "biggies"
	Michael and George: 
	Thank you so much, I never thought of all that stuff you mentioned,
like Rent, etc.  I guess I thought you did all this in your little study at
home.  It is much bigger than all that, I can see that now.   Twenty hours a
week on top of a "regular" job is a huge amount of time.  And your wife and
children still recognize you?? Amazing.  

	You have done so many outstanding things for us all.   That
Insurance site was great and I am taking it to our HR administrator to pass
on to our Blue Cross Rep who tried to deny me coverage for the Saturday and
Sunday between jobs. 

	There is no way we can thank you for all your time and energy and
effort to keep such a great site up and going.   I know if we make donations
mandatory, it will lose its amazing gift of being there for all who need it.
What can we do?   

	At any rate to you all, and all administrators, thank you for your
gift......you will get it back, twenty time over!
	Bonnie Richardson   

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