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Re: [IP] comfort zone

I think that you will probably see a LOT more pumpers at D camps this
summer.  (if this list is indicative of anything!)

I know that at bearskin meadows last year,  geneva noticed much more of
them.  she was placed in a tent with two other pumpers plus pumping
counselor and they were given the freedom to eat a snack or NOT eat a snack.
they did not try to enforce MDI rules on them.  now this is at bearskin.
don't know about the other camps.  but I do think things are getting better
and better now that pumping is more acceptable for kids.

mom to geneva, age 11.  ready for regular camp but LOVED bearskin meadows!

> > Her concern is that when she goes to Diabetes camp for the first
> > time (leaves in two weeks) the staff will bug her to death to do the
> > things she takes care of independently at home.
> >
> This was the primary reason Lily refused to go to anymore diabetes
> camps. They treated her as though she was on MDI and she did not want
> the restrictions. The last 3 years she has gone to a 'regular' camp
> for 2 weeks each summer.

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