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[IP] falling between the cracks!

> For some reason, I feel "left out",
> maybe b/c there are more "kids" now adays who have it
> (when I was 5 I was the "only" one with diabetes in
> this city...) ---
>  Maybe it's just me, but the teeens are ALWAYS left
> out. Yes, there are adult groups, which are great at
> times, but not always. And yes, there are parents who
> think their kids are the only ones with diabetes, but
> we have all been there done that.
>  I'm just saying...adults do encourage their kids with
> diabetes, and adults with diabetes themselves meet
> each other, form groups, etc, etc, but what about the
> teens?
> I just always seem to fall between the cracks!
>  Amy

I guess we all see our own circumstances. I went 5 years before seeing
another young person with DM so then I knew there were two in the world. But
when I finally found a support group in '80, there were 2 - one for parents
and children, the other for adults. Yes, the adults were all T-2's. I felt
like I fell between the cracks because I was about the only one who grew up
with it and still had it. Where was there a group for me? My issues were
different than these people and there wasn't anyone to relate to. That's one
reason I like this list - these are all people dealing with the same things.
I know I'm not the only one.  It's a big world out there and we are not
living in a concentrated village. Go out there and do your part to make it
better. Dissatisfied people are the ones who make changes and improvements.
If Mrs. Tupper didn't complain to Earl about her food not staying fresh,
there wouldn't be any Tupperware. 8^)
Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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