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[IP] Diabetes and Anxiety

I have been reading the string about diabetes and anxiety/panic attacks.  I,
too, have panic attacks.  I also have lows.  I have to check my bgs to make
sure which one I am experiencing.  If I did not carry my meter with me, I
would not know which to treat.  And as for going anywhere without some
backup sugar---DON'T!  The other day I ended up out driving with someone who
didn't know anything about how to treat a low bg.  And guess what--I had a
very severe low.  So severe that I woke up in the ER with a bg of under 20
according to the EMT meter.  I had actually become unconscious.  I had never
completely lost conscienceness before.  I did find that I did not have any
glucose tabs with me.  The grandkids had found them in my purse and I had
forgotten to check and re-fill them that morning.  Don't take the advice
from a therapist to not take something with you.  You can NOT OBSESS without
leaving yourself open to disaster.  Not going through the ritual of what and
when you ate, etc. is one thing.  Not using your head and being prepared at
all times is another.  We diabetics don't always act "normal" according to
the book or our past history, so be prepared for anything to happen when you
are in the process of living your life.  Just be prepared--simple and sound
thinking.  Good luck.


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