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Re: [IP] 504 examples needed

>First of all I want to tell you all how much I appreciate you and this
>list being here when I need it!
>Alex will be entering Junior High next year and we have never done a 504
>plan before.  Although the nurse will be the same as in elementary(k-12
>school), I discussed it with her and we decided it was time for a 504
>plan even though we have had no problems with the school.  But since he
>will be switching classes more and will not have the same schedule he
>has been used to in elementary we feel a 504 is necessary to communicate
>his needs properly.  He has been pumping since last August and all is
>well, I am just not sure of all the things that need to be included in a
>504.  If anyone would be willing to share a copy of their plan so that I
>can have somewhere to start from i would greatly appreciate it.
>Leann Pruitt
>mother of Alex(almost 11) dx 11/94, pump 8/99

We would be happy to share a copy of our 504 plan with you.  I will 
scan it in the next couple of days and send as a jpeg file.  If you 
can't read it, let me know and I will be happy to mail it.  We 
thought we covered all the bases in our 504 plan but should have 
included an exemption from the district policy on allowable unexcused 
absences.  We'll be sure to address it next school year.

Cindy Kress, mother of Noah, 13 y.o., dx 06/96, pumper since 07/99

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