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Re: [IP] comfort zone

> Her concern is that when she goes to Diabetes camp for the first
> time (leaves in two weeks) the staff will bug her to death to do the
> things she takes care of independently at home.
This was the primary reason Lily refused to go to anymore diabetes 
camps. They treated her as though she was on MDI and she did not want 
the restrictions. The last 3 years she has gone to a 'regular' camp 
for 2 weeks each summer.
> So now for the question....am I too relaxed in my supervision? Her
> A1c's are generally good, as are her day-to-day numbers, but I'm
> beginning to think I don't keep her close enough in check!

You can not live her life for her, only show her the path and teach 
her the life skills. You are doing a good job!! 
Michael (dad to 16 yo Lily, pumping almost 6 years)
email @ redacted
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