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No Subject

Hi I hope I am sending this to the right place.  I have only been on the
list about two weeks, and this is my first time of trying to ask a question.
I am a 37 year old with diabetes for 28 years 29 in august that is pregnant.
I have a midimed 508 on loan.  My care providers are trying to get me a
midimed of my own throught medicare.  The reason I have  a laoner is I have
spent most of my time in the hospital since I got pregnant because of out of
control sugars.  I have now been out of the hospital for 6 weeks, since I
have been wearing the pump and my sugar average has coem down from 270 to
160 and lower.  My question is what if my c-peptide was 0.6  instead of 0.5
or lower.  I am a very brittle diabetic and have never been under control
and have neuropathy and retinopathy with 11 treatments in both eyes.  I am
afraid they are going to deny my claim based on the 0.6 and I will losse my
sight or kidneys due to bad sugar control.  Now that I know the pump works I
am afraid to give it up.  Has anyone gotten a pump through medicade with a
0.6 c-peptide  ?????????  Thanks in advance Joycev

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