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[IP] Diabetes: Kids v. Teens v. Adults

This is totally my opinion, so please people, don't
get offended...this is just a. what I've been
observing and b. how I've been feeling...
 Ok, I was diagnosed 11 yrs ago, when I was 5. A boy
in my preschool class visited me in hospital who also
had D, and his mom was very helpful to my mom. Then
they moved away.
 From then till middle school I knew no one with type
1 diabetes.
 Ok, a year ago, met an ADA lady I loved, and we got a
teen support group started. It's not a great group
with monthly meetings, but we have a strong group and
usually 10 or so people each meeting...I've always
been the oldest, it's open to those starting at age
That, and no other pumpers.
 There are 3 other kids at my school with D--no
pumpers, none willing to acknowledge that they have
 A friend came over the other day, asked me to call a
mother she knows whose 9 yr old daughter was just
diagnosed..I called, we had a great chat. I talked to
the daughter too who wasn't too interested. I'm going
to meet there family sometime this week..I think they
are interested in the pump, but personally I do NOT
want to push it, as they haven't had diabetes more
than 2 months maybe and not even sure of doses...I am
pro pump, but I think you have to reach the point you
want it, I don't want to make the decision for someone
 I called another mom of 2 diabetic boys in town who
used to be incharge of a kid's gruop...but it fell
apart when the local diabetes program lost all of its
employees. She is going to call the mother I mentioned
earlier. Great:-)
 Got an idea---a summer bash, picnic, some sort of
activity, for the youth with diabetes--I'm including
teens and kids.  For some reason, I feel "left out",
maybe b/c there are more "kids" now adays who have it
(when I was 5 I was the "only" one with diabetes in
this city...) --- 
 I have no prob talking to people newly diagnosed, in
fact, I'm in the process of switching from regular
peer counseling which I've been involved with for 2
yrs, to hopefully finding a way for the kids in this
city with D to have a chance to talk about it--I would
much rather do that than help with homework (yes, I do
want to become a pediatric endo one day)
 Maybe it's just me, but the teeens are ALWAYS left
out. Yes, there are adult groups, which are great at
times, but not always. And yes, there are parents who
think their kids are the only ones with diabetes, but
we have all been there done that. The mother the other
day thought my mom was an angel b/c I was 5 when I was
diagnosed, she said at least her child can read and
help carb count..all i was thinking was, at least I
wasn't 2 months old, that would have been bad. 5,
well, I don't remember life without D, but I did have
5 years you know. 
 I'm just saying...adults do encourage their kids with
diabetes, and adults with diabetes themselves meet
each other, form groups, etc, etc, but what about the
 The woman the other day was telling me I know so
much, and I really don't think I do. But what's more
so, is my reason for being involved in like helping
these kids is because 1. I don't want anyone to go
through ten years thinking they're the only one with
diabetes, but also, because I've been there done that,
and at least there's a positive way to look at it. 
 I don't know. I just always seem to fall between the
cracks! I'm at least looking forward to summer--I'm
going to Governor's School, probably planning a D
youth activity, working, and I just joined a gym!
That, and I'm attempting to switch infusion sets b/c I
HAVE to be able to disconnect while I'm out of town
and rapids don't do that.....
 Just stating my observances, so please don't get mad.

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