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Re: [IP] comfort zone

Been following the comments and almost didn't weigh in on this one, but I'm 
now wondering if I give my child too much freedom! Stephanie is 11 next week, 
diagnosed at age 4, pumping for 27 months. She was allowed to sleepovers 
while still on MDI  but I would always drive over at mealtimes and draw up 
her shots. She also has been to visit out of state relatives while still on 
shots (we drew up bunches of mixed shots, labelled them all carefully, and 
sent instructions on which shots to use when). Now that she's on a pump, she 
continues with sleepovers, non-D camps, etc. with me doing all the advance 
leg-work...let her have access to phone, keep an eye out for these symptoms, 
etc. We have never had a problem that was uncorrectable, and feel extremely 
fortunate in that. Steph has no other conditions such as ADHD to contend 
with, and is able to do almost all of her own direct care (though I still 
keep a close eye when she's home). Her concern is that when she goes to 
Diabetes camp for the first time (leaves in two weeks) the staff will bug her 
to death to do the things she takes care of independently at home.

So now for the question....am I too relaxed in my supervision? Her A1c's are 
generally good, as are her day-to-day numbers, but I'm beginning to think I 
don't keep her close enough in check!

Betsy Sale
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