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[IP] being sick and BG's....help (hack hack cough)

Help!  VBG

I caught a nasty cold and have spent the last couple of days feeling close
to miserable.  As always, when I'm sick, my BG's went through the roof.
Here's what I did:

Yesterday mornin': 9:42  91
                             10:52  126
                              1:00   282  oops   bolused 4 units
                               3:00  338  what the heck???  Changed my site,
just in case (it worked fine all day yesterday, that's when I changed it).
I gave myself a shot of 5 units.  Upped my basals to 140%.
                                4:16  208
                                6:23  135
                                8:57   125  Turned basal rate back to 120%
just to see what happens next.
                                10:00  239  bolused 2, turned the basals up
to 140% again.
                                12:34 a.m.  300!!!!  For cryin' out loud.
Bolused 4.  Fell asleep on couch.  Slept hard until 9:16 this morning when
my sugar was an 89.  I didn't feel like eating so  I left things as is,
keeping my basals at 140%.  At 11;30 it was a 237.  Bolused 3.
                                1:30   87.   Sigh.  I hate feeling like
crap.  lol

Is this how it normally goes for y'all when you're sick?  Or is it sort of a
guessing game right now because it's my first time being sick with the pump?
To be honest I'm somewhat pleased, on MDI I would have been going from a 500
to a 40 in a two hour time span, so I'm happy in that it's not such a wide
swing, and that I don't feel worse because of that.  Is there anything else
I should be doing?  I don't have any ketones; CDE said that it doesn't sound
like I'm doing too bad of a job with it, but to let her know if I start
having any major problems.
Thanks in advance -
Dawn email @ redacted

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