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Re: [IP] comfort zone


You're not alone...we give our daughter Stephanie a pretty long leash too...and
she is only 8 (going to be 9 in July).  We have the same attitude as you do with
sleepovers.   She tends to be hypo aware and will start to feel yucky when high
too, so if she does make a mistake (bolus incorrectly, forget, etc.) she'll FEEL
the consequences and correct as necessary.  She will often call us when she
tests, but not always.  She does great on her own!

There was one time (that I am aware of) that she did not feel a low at night and
woke up over 300 (we were at Disneyworld, where for the most part her blood
sugars were fantastic...this was about day three and I think she was so
exhausted from all long days at the parks that she didn't wake up when low...and
we were so tired we didn't check! : )  We corrected in the morning and she was

Laurie, mom to Alexia (11) and Stephie (8, dx 8/98, pumping since 11/99)

> for what it's worth...
> ruth...who perhaps gives geneva a longer leash than most.

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