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[IP] You asked so......

Bonnie wrote:
>    I don't
> know anything about web pages, running lists, setting up sites, etc.
>   Is there a site that explains to us "techno dummies" just what the
> cost are?   I know the wonderful administrators are being paid with
> only an ocassional "thank you!" and spend many hours
> administering...but just what is it that cost?

There are all the costs associated with running any "small business". 
Even though all the labor is free, there are these approximate costs 
shown below to run the office. In addition I devote about 20 hours a 
week strictly to IP (aside from earning a living) and can't keep up 
with the things that need to get done, much less continue to upgrade 
the web site. I am going to try to get additional support from 
industry so that the board of directors can actually pay me a small 
stipend to enable me devote more time to running and upgrading the 
site. Until that happens, I will continue with the current 

rent for a small office $783 
     9 feet wide x 20 feet long (the rail car)
internet service $592
misc phone, fax, postage, office supplies etc... $500 typical
   varies from month to month

The above adds up to about $23,000 a year or just a little less than 
$2000 per month. I know that I've not included some things, but 
these are the "biggies".


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