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Re: [IP] comfort zone

> You make it sound so easy. Kevin is very unpredictable at night. How do
> correct to 140, or 100? How can you be so precise?

robin, et al..

it is indeed a crap shoot sometimes. especially with exercise and growth

but...on the whole...we come pretty close with our corrections if she eats a
meal that is not high in fat or high on glycemic index.  in that
case...geneva will STILL be high in the middle of the night.  but if she
tests at her sleepover around 11 pm  (and I can guarantee she is UP at this
time  ;-)       ....)  she can at least treat or correct.   the worst case
scenario is that she will remain high  (this has happened)  and she will
awaken high.   but I this can happen if she is at OUR house also.  sometimes
I sleep through my alarm at midnight and don't test her.   we just start new
the next day and correct and go on.

geneva is hypo aware at night.  she will awaken at 70.   so this is not an
issue.  I would guess if a child is unaware when low....then the worst case
senario is that the liver dumps, right?  doesn't this sometimes happen with
some of the pumpers who have been on the glucowatch?  they realized that
they went low during the night and rebound effect the next day?

I can just say that I will try to give geneva every opportunity to be a
normal kid.  and right now...she has lots of freedom.  I don't want battles
with diabetes in addition to the normal adolescent battles.    if we make a
mistake I try to keep a glass half full attitude.  I really don't think she
will die if she does an overnight.  we probably came closer to damage when
we first went on the pump .  (running out of insulin,  bubbles in line,  no
delivery, etc.)

as far as food goes.  if you are willing to take a chance,  try to do his
overnight with some control over food.  feed the kids at your house where
you can feed him chicken/fish/veggies/and UNDER done pasta.  (this always
works for geneva...YMMV).   fruit for dessert.  tell kevin that this is his
experiement.  he will be so excited.  then send him to the friends with the
understanding that he can't eat popcorn or whatever causes a big rise.
(remember...it is just a trial...later he can eat more normally)

once you do ONE overnight...both of you will be confident to try it again.
it is just that FIRST time that is so scary.

by the way....geneva returned from disneyland yesterday.  on the plane
eating junk, junk, junk!    came home and she refused to test.  (I asked her
to and this was one of her  "I am in control of my D now").  well....at
dinner she was 579!

now...what could be worse than that?  she was at HOME with me.  so...just
because she is with us, doesn't guarantee great BGs.

for what it's worth...
ruth...who perhaps gives geneva a longer leash than most.

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