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Re: [IP] Please Donate

On 31 May 00, at 13:14, Bonnie Richardson wrote:

> 	Lee Lockwood said" 
> 	"You can send a check to:

> 	Thank you, Lee!  
> 	I will send another small donation today. I have only sent a few
> small donations via credit card (the easiest to me).  The information and
> value I have gained here is invaluable and ten doctor's appointments could
> never provide me with the help, comfort, laughter, and compassion I have
> received here.   However, I am curious about what the costs of running such
> a list are.  I don't know anything about web pages, running lists, setting
> up sites, etc.   Is there a site that explains to us "techno dummies" just
> what the cost are?   I know the wonderful administrators are being paid with
> only an ocassional "thank you!" and spend many hours administering...but
> just what is it that cost?


Thank you for sending me this "check"!      ;>)

Basically the costs are in "time".  The admin staff spends a few hours a 
day each time they have duty, an hour or less when we're off.  We are 
paid by letters like yours and the happy success stories we read!  :>)

Michael has the "real" costs involved in this.  Along with the hundreds of 
hours he spends each month in creating pages, maintaining links and 
taking care of the "techno" stuff that we admins don't have a chance of 
solving, his "costs"  include the equipment, the power and the telephone 
connections.  Michael did "conservatively" estimate he spends $20,000 
a year in maintaining this site, but I believe he has "discounted" his 
hours too severely and failed to even "bill" a few months worth of them.  

So thank you again for your support.  If more members like you would 
chip in a few dollars when they could, perhaps the amount they might 
have spent "out of pocket" for a CDE, this site will continue and grow. 
And until that day when we can say 'A CURE IS FOUND!', we will have 
this site to thank for helping to make our lives "more normal".

George Lovelace
Volunteer IP Admin

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