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[IP] comfort zone


You make it sound so easy. Kevin is very unpredictable at night. How do you 
correct to 140, or 100? How can you be so precise? I think I am missing 
something. Do you have a formula that I dont know about?  He doesnt typically 
go low unless his over-boluses his snacks. Popcorn is tough even if it is the 
same thing and measured each time. He never is predictable with it. If we eat 
out...it is not always predictable either.

Let me know your secret!  I wish we could say, "you are at 200? Well, if you 
do 1.0 unit, you will be at 140! Some nights we do a 1/2 unit...and he drops 
50 pts, other times he has dropped close to a 100 pts from the same 
correction. It seems to be a major guessing game for us.  I guess THAT is why 
I am uncomfortable. Each night, we do according to his exercise, food, and 
hope for the best....

Mom to Kevin......and totally confused now.....
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